Winning Hearts, Healing Minds

There is a lot of talk of “winning the hearts and minds” of our adversaries. This is plain nonsense. True Believers look down upon us from the lofty perch of their Truth and see benighted, foul creatures, devoid of the spark of the Divine, completely cut off from God, doomed to perdition. Can such a dirty creature insinuate itself into good graces of the one wrapped in the pure light of holiness? Forget it. There can be condescending compromises; temporary, tactical truces are possible. But winning full acceptance as a fellow-creature, as an equally-endowed child of God? Never.

Well, if the mountain does not come to Mohammed, than Mohammed should go to the mountain. The lofty mind of a True Believer does not condescend to consider a godless westerner his equal? Put the True Believer a peg down. True Believer’s mind is sick with idolatrous self-importance that distorts the reality – so explain the reality to him. Examine his facts and logic, show him where he has it wrong, explain why he cannot possibly know what he is talking about – and why this turns him into an idolater. Heal his mind by bringing him to his senses.

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